Release Date Alert: “A Series of Again’s” by Kiarra M. Taylor

Hello my #TaylorGang!

I’m writing today with good news! I want to share with you the release date of my sophomore novel, “A Series of Again’s”. Originally this book was supposed to be published on 5/16/16 but I’ve decided to release it the week of my birthday. So without further ado, the release date for “A Series of Again’s” is…(drum roll)…6/14/16!!!!

The cover reveal will be taking place any day now but for now here is a sneak peek, as well as the back cover blurb to whet your whistle:

ASOA Cover snippet-2

ASOA Cover snippet

Her past…

Single mother KaLena Tweed is a bright-eyed law student who has absolutely no reason to be wary of the world. But when her son is kidnapped by her boyfriend at the time, her outlook swiftly changes. Ultimately her beloved son is returned to her untainted, but the same can’t be said for Lena who is forever changed.

Her Present…

A hellish dating experience has permanently scarred KaLena, and five years later she is both the victim and villain in her own life’s story. Like a badge, she proudly wears her pain and anger for the world to see. For her, trust is a thing of the past and these days the only thing Lena can trust anyone to do is stay far away from her—and especially her son. But, unfortunately a woman has certain…needs that just can’t be denied, so she resorts to taking on a friend with ‘benefits’.

Her Their Future…?

Sheriff Tristin Sullivan is as kind as he is handsome and KaLena is unable to resist making him the lucky new recipient of her ‘benefits’. He quickly proves that he is undeterred by Lena’s lethal mouth and foul attitude. In fact, it turns him the hell on. Although their physical chemistry is everything and then some, KaLena is careful to make it known that anything more is simply not in the cards for them, because her ability to trust was stolen right along with her son. Not one to be easily dissuaded, Tristin declares that he will have her trust and her heart because he’s damned determined to earn them—through a series of again’s.

Cue an epic, sexy, and endearing battle of wills.



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