Summer, Summer, Summertime!


Helloooooo to my #TaylorGang!

Its my favorite time of the year (and also my birthday month), so you know what that means…SALES & GIVEAWAYS! Keep reading to check out everything I’ve got going on this month.


*** Beach Read 99 ct. Sale ***


Title:The Quarter Change

Genre:Contemporary Romance

Heat level:Hot as hell



Kimbella Tyler, a quiet, shy, non-cursing girl is turning twenty-five in two weeks and it hits her that she’s merely been existing, not LIVING. She decides to kick her introverted ways in the teeth and go on a two-week birthday vacation to San Jose, California where she plans to have no holds barred fun, including, and especially a fling. Her trip is planned out to the letter, but the one thing she couldn’t have planned for is the sexy Dr. Roman Tanzman. Liquor and lust were part of her plan—love wasn’t

Want to tag along on this birthday adventure? Get your copy here while its 99 cents (regular price is $3.99):


Title:A Series of Agains

Genre:Contemporary Romance

Heat level:Sizzling hot



KaLena Tweed once loved a man who loved her back. Too bad he was jealous of the love she showed her own son. He kidnapped her child, then came home and spent the next few days by her side, pretending to help look for him. This traumatic event scarred KaLena forever and changed the way she viewed love. Nowadays, the only thing a man can do for her is f$ck her and LEAVE. Cue Tristin Sullivan, the sexy, easy going new sheriff who isn’t put off by her smart mouth and bad attitude. In fact, it turns him the hell on! He vows to have not only her body, but her heart and he plans on earning them both through a series of agains…

Want to see how it all plays out? Pick up your copy here while its 99 cents (regular price is $4.99):



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