Escape from Reality Series

What is the Escape from Reality Series? 

Escape, Colorado is a fictional town that was created by authors Erin Lee, Taylor Henderson, and Sara Schoen, so that multiple authors from various genres could come together and write stories that share a central theme (like being set in Escape, CO or featuring an ‘escape from reality’ plot), but that are also different and appealing to readers across the genre board. Escape is your quintessential small town, with tons of lovable characters, a small population, a handsome Sheriff, a diner, and of course, a town square.

Here’s a  map of the town, created by the talented Sara Schoen:

escape town map

It is important to note that though this is a series, each book is a standalone, meaning you don’t need to have read all of the previous books. You can simply jump in and start reading at anytime! We like to think of this more as an interconnected series. What does that mean? Okay, so, for example, the town diner is owned by Ellie (hence the name, Ellie’s Diner), who first appeared in book one of the Escape from Reality Series, Rescue Me, by Sara Schoen. Because this is an interconnected series, you’ll see Ellie again in a lot of Escape books, as well as quite a few other characters in passing. That, and the fact that the books are set in Escape, CO is what makes this series, well, a series. It’s so much fun to see what secondary characters are up to later on, and sometimes, sometimes they may even get their own book down the line! And of course, it’s fun watching the town grow from book to book. New businesses sprout up, new couples form, mysterious newcomers arrive in town—you name it and we’ve probably got it in the Escape from Reality Series!

A new Escape book releases on the 15th of EVERY month and is available to read in the Kindle Unlimited program for free or for 99 cents if you don’t have KU! 


Books in the series

Rescue Me, by Sara Schoen

Phat, by Taylor Henderson

Greener, by Erin Lee

Break Free to Deceive, by Rose Silverstone

Never Apologize, by Kiarra M. Taylor

Broken Beginnings, by Sara Schoen

Circus Freak, by Erin Lee

Exodus, by Christina Leigh Pritchard 

Kaleidoscope, by Rita Delude

Roll the Dice, by Kimberly N. Dean

Apryl’s Fools, by Erin Lee

Ripple Effect, by Sara Schoen


Where can you find the books?

To date, there are 13 books available in the series and you can find them all here, on one Amazon page!


Want to Escape? Come on!

We have a Facebook page for the series, so please feel free to give it a like. There is a Facebook group, where dedicated fans of the series talk about the books, and we also have a website that’s packed with more information about our little town!